Pixblasters Publicizes New Firmware Updates for Its MS1 Video LED Controller

Pixblasters™ has introduced the discharge of latest firmware updates for its Pixblasters MS1 Video LED Controller, which allows real-time management of intensive video LED shows constructed by addressable LED strips.

The firmware updates deliver new FPGA LED controllers (ver. 107) which can be instantly accessible to obtain free-of-charge from https://pixblasters.com/deliverables/.

The most recent Pixblasters firmware now consists of full assist for video management of 4-wire RGB LEDs with separated DATA and CLK digital inputs, corresponding to APA102, HD107, SK9822, and others. When used on this management mode, the Pixblasters MS1 Video LED Controller helps 16 outputs, every driving 1,024 RGB LEDs, for a complete of 16,384 LEDs managed by a single controller. Video installations with greater than 16,384 LEDs will be synchronously managed by a number of and chained Pixblasters MS1 controllers.

Pixblasters 3-wire RGB LED assist can be improved, and together with the WS2811, WS2812B, WS2815 and related LEDs, now it additionally controls GS8208 LEDs.

Mirroring and padding features are absolutely carried out. The mirroring operate allows compact video LED installations with minimized cabling, e.g. two controllers positioned centrally and side-by-side might management a 30 meter (~98 ft) lengthy 30 mm pixel pitch LED ticker with all information cabling not longer than 0.5 meters. The padding operate shifts the video picture by a few pixels and allows outside LED strips to be taken out of a weatherproof management cupboard with no lack of first video pixel columns.

A brand new firmware replace is relevant to all Pixblasters MS1 Video LED Controller boards presently deployed within the subject. The firmware replace process is straightforward and takes not more than a few minutes to finish.

Pixblasters has printed the PAPP003 utility word that describes the FPGA replace process: https://pixblasters.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/papp003-Pixblasters-FPGA-Replace-Guide_v1.0.pdf .

The whole process can be demonstrated by a brief video clip

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